Well that went quick didn't it?!
Thanks very much for listening to Hastings Rock during May 2020, we really appreciate all of your support, and loyalty.
We will be back, both on FM and Online, for another 28 days from 1st May, 2021.
We are considering doing another Internet only broadcast later this year, but have made no firm decision about this as yet. If that happens, it is likely to be for only a week, but who knows?
We will obviously keep you posted about that, so be sure to keep checking here for more info.
Thanks again for your continued support, and keep on rockin

27th May 2020:
Well, it's nearly the end of this broadcast, and it's almost time for the Final Night.
Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

The Final Night line up will be as follows:
6 - 8pm = Phill The Bus
8 - 10pm = Sarah Harvey
10pm to Midnight(ish) = Tony Davis

They hope to be joined on the phone by some of the other Hastings Rock DJs.
We are also planning on bringing you a nice surprise just before closedown. So stay tuned, and keep on rockin'

30 April 2020:

As promised here are some more details about what we are planning to bring you during the Hastings Rock broadcast in May 2020. We will be ‘on air’ from midnight on the morning of Saturday, 2nd May until midnight on Friday 29th May, broadcasting 24 hours a day. As mentioned before, this will be an Internet only broadcast with all programmes being online only. There will be a mixture of live DJs and automated music (Robojock), with the odd pre-recorded programme thrown in as well.

Both Weekdays and Weekends will consist of the same schedule:
Midnight to 8am - Robojock
8-11am: Live DJ
11am to Midday: Robojock
Midday to 3pm: Live DJ
3-4pm: Robojock
4-6pm: Live DJ
6-7pm: Robojock
7-9pm: Live DJ - Usually a Specialist Show
9-10pm: Robojock
10pm to Midnight: Live DJ

A daily Programme Schedule, including DJ names, will be posted on the ‘Hastings Rock FM’ Facebook page. Obviously this is subject to change.

All DJs will be ‘working from home’, which means that unfortunately not all of your favourite Hastings Rock DJs are able to be involved.

Listeners will be able to contact the ‘on air’ DJ via email and text in the usual way. You can also use these contact details to request a song via Robojock:
Email: dj@hastingsrock.co.uk
Text: 07395879877

DJs may well also use Facebook during their shows, so be sure to check our official Facebook page during the broadcast: Hastings Rock FM.

You will be able to listen to Hastings Rock during May in several ways including:
1 - Via the Hastings Rock website: www.hastingsrock.co.uk - Just click on the “Listen to Hastings Rock” button.
2 - Via your Smart Speaker, such as Alexa - Just say “Play Hastings Rock Radio”.
3 - Via a Smart TV using the Tune In app.
4 - On a mobile phone using an app such as Tune In.
5 - Via an Internet Radio - Just search for Hastings Rock Radio.
6 - Web players such as Streama.
7 - If in doubt just search online for “Listen to Hastings Rock Radio”.

If you find another way to listen, please let us know, and we can then tell everyone else.

Thanks for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy Hastings Rock 2020.

Let’s rock the month of May, once again.

Keep calm and carry online

13th April, 2020.
We promised to keep you up to date with our plans, so here is some good news for you.
Hastings Rock will be broadcasting, via the Internet, for 28 days in May 2020.
We aim to be broadcasting 24 hours a day from Saturday 2nd until midnight on Friday 29th May. Details are still being worked out, but the broadcast will be a mixture of live shows, presented by some of your favourite Hastings Rock DJ’s, plus some automated and pre-recorded content including Robojock! So listeners will be able to request tracks at certain times during the day and night.
More details of our planned programme schedule will be announced nearer the time, so please keep checking here for more info. Thanks for your continued support, and for your patience.
Stay safe and keep on rockin’.