About Us

Here are a few facts about Hastings Rock ...

  • Hastings Rock is a not for profit organisation manned entirely by volunteers. All of the DJs and backroom staff are involved with Hastings Rock purely because they love the music and the radio station.

  • Apart from playing some excellent rock music that you will not hear anywhere else, we also help raise awareness for St. Michael's Hospice in St. Leonards.

  • We support local music by playing CDs and interviewing some of the many bands from the area who would not otherwise receive airplay. We have a show dedicated to local music every week.

  • It is expensive to put Hastings Rock on the air for the 28 day broadcast. There are several seperate licences that are required before we can commence broadcasting.

  • The funding required is raised purely by the generous support from our sponsors and advertisers and any fund raising events that we hold during the year. We have no backers apart from ourselves.

  • Without our advertisers, there would be no Hastings Rock.

... and here is a little background

  • Hastings Rock broadcasts under a 'Restricted Service License' which is granted by the government through 'Ofcom'. The license can run for a maximum of twenty-eight consecutive days and usually, may be obtained twice in any 12 months by the same applicant.

  • Hastings Rock normally broadcasts once per year, for the full 28 days, during the month of May.

  • Several years ago we bid for a commercial license but did not win. We have also considered a community license but have not pursued this course at present, this for several reasons. The principle of these is the time and organisation required. We think the 28 day format works well as it creates enthusiasm whilst we are on air, both from ourselves and from our audience. We are not around for too long so we are not taken for granted.

  • Running Hastings Rock is an intense activity, particularly during the broadcast itself. Twenty-eight days is a duration which we can manage as volunteers.