Programmes / Programme Archive

Links to details of our current programmes and a chance to catch up if you have missed one of your favourite shows.

Welcome to our programmes and archive page. Here you will find links to information about our current shows and chance to listen again to a selection of them. The links are mainly to our specialist output although you will find other items, e.g. programme segments from our end of broadcast parties.

In order to keep the list less cluttered, the archive links are included in the relevent programme pages if one exists. Be aware that not all programmes may be available and you might need to scroll down the page to find the links. Where programmes do not have their own page, links are directly to the archived item itself.

For general programmes, we have provided links to the DJs' own mixcloud page if they have made shows available. Be aware these pages are maintained by the presenters themselves and not by Hastings Rock. So far, a selection is available for the following:

Current Programmes
Sarah Harvey Interviews
Presenter's Mixcloud Pages
Programmes not currently broadcast and miscellaneous items

We hope to be adding more programmes in the future so please re-visit this page often to catch our latest posts.