Progressive Rock
Tony Bell: Wednesday 19:00-21:00


It is very great privilege to be asked to do this year's Progressive Rock Show once again. I hope that the variety of music will expand and broaden your horizons and perceptions of what Progressive Rock Music is, and will continue to challenge the perception that it is a niche genre of music. I welcome your comments, feedback, or suggestions for future shows. Please send them to me directly at:, or drop an email to the Station: I hope you enjoy listening as much as I am enjoying programming the output! Happy progging.....

Here you can find track listings for this and previous year's programmes. Some shows are available to listen again.

You can catch up with the progressive rock show anytime through our listen again feature. This is available through our Mixcloud page. You can listen to the programme and view a complete track listing using this facility. Click on the link below to hear the programme.

Progressive Rock programme for 15th May 2019

Progressive Rock programme for 8th May 2019



Progressive Rock programme for 18th May 2016

Progressive Rock programme for 11th May 2016

Progressive Rock programme for 4th May 2016


Progressive Rock programme for 20th May 2015
Progressive Rock programme for 13th May 2015
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Progressive Rock programme for 9th May 2013


Progressive: Playlist for 15th May 2012 (not necessarily in order)

  1. Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution - In the Wake Of Evolution
  2. Alan Parsons - Return To Tunguska - A Valid Path
  3. Karnataka - The Serpent and the Sea - The Gathering Light
  4. Ashra - Midnight On Mars - Blackouts
  5. Pendragon - Indigo - Pure
  6. Galahad - Seize The Day - Battle Scars
  7. Steve Hillage - The Glorious OMM Riff - Green
  8. Camel - Stationary Traveller - Stationary Traveller
  9. Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys - Paper Monkeys
  10. Spocks Beard - East of Eden, West of Memphis - Feel Eurphoria
  11. Gentle Giant - Unknown (or forgotten..) - Octopus

Thanks for listening, and keep progging! Tony Bell


Progressive: Playlist for 8th May 2012

  1. Genesis - One For The Vine - Wind and Wuthering
  2. Arena - The Shattered Room - Peppers Ghost
  3. Myrath - Time to Grow - Tales of the Sand
  4. Karnataka - Time Stands Still - Delicate Flame Of Desire
  5. Porcupine Tree - Time Flies - The Incident
  6. Yes - Fly From Here Pt.1 - Fly From here
  7. Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident - Liquid Tension Experiment 2
  8. Credo - Staring At The Sun - Against Reason
  9. Sean Filkins - Prisoner of Conscience - War & Peace and other Short Stories

Thanks for listening, Tony Bell



Progressive: Playlist for 17th May 2011

  1. Alan Parsons Project - Fall Of The House Of Usher: Tales of Mystery and Imagination
  2. Ian Anderson - Fly By Night: Walk Into Light
  3. Half Past Four - Poison Tune : Rabbit In The Vestibule
  4. Odysicce - Continental Motion; Silence
  5. Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight; Force Majeure
  6. Credo - Cardinal Sin; Against Reason
  7. Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution; In The Wake Of Evolution (Sweden)
  8. Threshold - Slipstream; Dead Reckoning
  9. Genesis - SUppers Ready; Seconds OUt
  10. Camel - Echoes; Lunar Sea
  11. Spocks Beard - Man Behind The Curtain; X
  12. Dianoya - Brainwave;Obscurity Divine (Polish Band)

Many of these can be obtained from a very good on-line store! (I am not in their pay!). Tony


Progressive: Playlist for 10th May 2011

  1. Jethro Tull - Watching Me Watching You; The Broadsword And The Beast
  2. Liquid Tension Experiment - Biaxident;Liquid Tension Experiment 2
  3. Porcupine Tree - The Sound Of Muzak; In Absentia
  4. Yes - Roundabout;Fragile
  5. Anima Mundi - Time To Understand
  6. Karnataka - The Gathering LIght;The Gathering Light
  7. Camel - Ice;I Can See Your House From Here
  8. Bunchakeeze - The Deal;Bunchakeeze
  9. Genesis - Inside OUt; Spot The Pidgeon EP
  10. Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here; Deadwing
  11. Steve Hillage - Day After Day; Open
  12. Disperse - Balance Of Creators ; Journey Through Hidden Gardens (Polish Band)

Thanks for listening. Tony


Progressive: Playlist for 3rd May 2011

  1. Steve Hackett - Please Don't Touch; The Chronicles Of Narnia
  2. Liquid Tension Experiment - Another Dimension; Liquid Tension Experiment 2
  3. Yes - Starship Trooper; The Yes Album
  4. Karnataka - State Of Grace; The Gathering Light
  5. Credo - Staring At The Sun; Against Reason
  6. Genesis - The Cinema Show; Selling England by the Pound
  7. The Reasoning - The Thirteenth Hour; Adverse Camber
  8. Dream Theater - Octavarium; Octavarium
  9. Threshold - Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams; Dead Reckoning

Thanks for listening. Tony Bell